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Bachelor's to Master's Degree Upgrade in Christian Counseling

Note: This program is for prior Academy Bachelor’s degree graduates only who want to continue on to earn a Master’s degree. 

Watch this short video.

Easy to Start. Easy to Finish.

Budget Friendly

Very affordable modular and per-course (“Easy Go”) tuition payment options. See the curriculum below.

Flexibale and At Your Own Pace

Earn your degree on your own schedule. Home study. Weekends, evenings, lunch breaks? It's up to you. Seminary choices available.

We're Here to Help

We'll assign you a Personal Clinical Supervisor to help with every phase of your studies.

Upgraded Licensing Level

Upon completion of the program, your NCCA license will be upgraded to "NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor".

What you will learn...

Select three (3) Advanced Courses.

“Easy Go” single course payment option available.

Complete ten (10) Arno Profile System (APS) counselor reports.

Select three (3) Advanced Courses.

“Easy Go” single course payment option available.

Complete fifteen (15) Arno Profile System (APS) counselor reports.

For each module, select three (3) Advanced Courses.

“Easy Go” single course payment option available

Meet Final Program Requirements

  1. Complete a practicum. This consists of administering the Arno Profile System to twenty-five (25) persons in the student’s community. This practicum will be completed under the supervision of your Clinical Supervisor.
  2. Respond in writing to fifty (50) ethical questions posed by NCCA’s National Licensing Board of Examiners.
  3. Submit NCCA annual dues of $50 (included in tuition, first year only). 
  4. The student will also become a member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (Creation Therapy course) and the $75 first year fee is included in the student tuition.
  5. Provide required documentation.
  6. Complete individual Counselor Reports (case studies) developed from the candidate’s work with 25 persons using the Arno Profile System reports. Your Clinical Supervisor will help guide you through this process.
  7. Background check completed ($100 fee included in tuition).
  8. Ministerial licensing / ordination credentials are required by the end of Phase II. The NCCA suggests options for gaining that if not already held by the student.
  9. Licensing level at the completion of the program will be: NCCA-Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor.

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