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License to Doctorate Level Christian Counseling Degrees

Pursue the level of training that best fits your goals.  We have license-only, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate level options.

Seminary Degrees and NCCA Licensing

All degree programs offer seminary choices and include provision for concurrent licensing with the National Christian Counselors Association.

Learn and Invest at Your Own Pace

All of our courses are home study,  allowing you to proceed at your own pace.  We have affordable tuition  options to help you succeed.


Above & Beyond Counseling Academy

  • Worldwide programs online or shipped.
  • Earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree and be licensed with the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) to do the Lord’s work in this important ministry.
  • License-Only program also available for those who do not wish to pursue a degree.
  • Affordable, self-paced home study programs to fit every educational background!
  • Personal Clinical Supervisor to assist you on the journey.

Our Programs

We offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate tracks (see below) and an option to secure a counseling license only.

NCCA licensing is included in each degree program and the student has seminary choices.

The NCCA field of study for each degree or license field of study comprises two phases, with six mandatory Basic Courses. There are choices from Advanced Courses to meet the Phase III program requirements.

In addition, the Master’s and Doctorate degree programs have a thesis requirement which involves the preparation of counselor reports prepared under the guidance of the student’s Clinical Supervisor.

These reports are prepared from interviews conducted with individuals based upon a review of their Arno Profile System report. This methodology is a cornerstone of the NCCA program and is introduced in the Phase I course called “Creation Therapy”.

Tuition is payable in modules or on a per-course basis which is the “Easy Go” option.

Explore Christian Counseling Program Tracks

License - Only

Have a High School Diploma / GED as a minimum? If so, you can gain a license with the National Christian Counselors Association


All you need is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent to begin the Christian Counseling Bachelor's degree program.


Do you hold an accredited Bachelor’s degree in any discipline? If so, a Master's in Christian Counseling is a great option.


You can earn a Doctorate in Christian Counseling if you hold an accredited Master’s or Doctorate degree in any discipline.

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