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Ministerial Credential

The NCCA (National Christian Counselor Association) requires that all students have ministerial credentials (commission, license or ordination) at the completion of Phase II.

The concept of setting aside men and women to ministry is rooted in the Scriptures and has been part of church and ministry practices throughout the ages.  

The N.C.C.A. believes that the best option for ministerial credentialing for each candidate is the local church where they attend, support and have completed the necessary requirements for ministerial credentials to have been bestowed upon them.

The majority of N.C.C.A. members are credentialed ministers through their local church and this assists them as pastoral counselors in many ways. This is the simplest process, requiring a letter of commissioning from the church leadership. See this ministerial commissioning sample letter.

Your pastor/ministry needs to understand that this letter does not obligate him/her to employ or use the graduate as a pastoral counselor. It is simply recognition, based on the relationship, that the student candidate has the giftings and callings in this area. It is not a license or ordination by the local body. We would be happy to clarify this with him/her as necessary.

There are instances when the local church is not a viable option and the N.C.C.A. member may not be able to attain their ministerial cre­dentials with them.

In such cases, the N.C.C.A. member is required to seek alternatives in order to obtain proper ministerial credentials. Those ministeri­al credentials must not only meet the requirements of the N.C.C.A., but also any requirements of the state in which the N.C.C.A. member operates that will provide recognition and acknowledgement as a clergy member.

We urge you to consider two paths below:

  1. Do your own research on the internet. Choose a reputable organization that will provide a ministerial credential. Requirements, time to secure and costs will vary.
  2. Review the options from the NCCA below.

For this purpose, the N.C.C.A. has listed selective ministerial fellowships that may assist you in obtaining acceptable ministerial credentials.  Below is the contact information for these organizations. If you do not have ministerial credentials and your local church is not an option, we encourage you to consider these organizations when you research the ministerial fellowship you would like to serve under.

Note: Above & Beyond Counseling Academy has no connection to these ministries; you should contact them directly. We suggest you begin your research early in your study process as it may take some time to secure the credential.

Ministerial Options To Consider: