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Courses & Curriculum

The NCCA field of study for each degree / licensing program comprises a series of six mandatory Basic Courses (three in Phase I and three in Phase II) plus optional choices from Advanced Courses (Phase III) to meet specific program requirements.

The courses:

  • can be done at your own pace to fit your schedule and budget
  • can be done online (most) or shipped to your location.
  • include an online test (even if the course is shipped). 

The Master’s and Doctoral degree programs have a thesis requirement that involves the preparation of counselor reports prepared under the guidance of the student’s Clinical Supervisor.

These reports are prepared from interviews conducted with individuals based upon a review of their Arno Profile System report. This methodology is a cornerstone of the NCCA program and is introduced in the Phase I course called “Creation Therapy”.

Detailed information on each aspect of the curriculum may be found on this website

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