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Mastering Pastoral Counseling

This course is approximately 225 pages in length. The candidate will receive specific information regarding stress, anger and guilt with the emphasis on the need to develop family relationships. This course utilizes the NCCA’s counseling model, the Arno Profile System.

Course Requirements:

  • Approximately 36 clock hours
  • Pass one online exam

Temperament Case Studies

This course is approximately 154 pages in length. The candidate will learn first-hand the counseling model used by the N.C.C.A. members and graduates. These case studies utilize the counseling model taught by the N.C.C.A. and also incorporate other testing instruments.

The student will conduct a series of indepth counseling sessions with one “client” and, using one of the formats described in the course, will complete a comprehensive report of those sessions.

Course Requirements:

  • Approximately 35 clock hours
  • Submit one case study following format

Counseling the Codependent: A Christian Perspective Using Temperament

This course is approximately 160 pages in length and is accompanied by a study workbook. The candidate will receive specialized training regarding codependency, which incorporates the counseling taught by the N.C.C.A.

Course requirements:

  • Approximately 35 clock hours
  • Pass one online exam

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