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How to Get Your Christian Counseling Degree Online in Less Than 2 Years

Most of our potential students come to us with a vision and passion to complete God’s call on their lives.

They know He has directed them towards gaining competence and a credential in Christian counseling and they want to know how long it will take.

If time is of the essence for you, then a self-paced, distance learning program may be your best option.


  • Financial flexibility
    • You generally pay as you go for courses. Unlike brick and mortar institutions that require a certain course load and tuition payments, you can buy courses at your pace.
  • Time flexibility
    • Some programs have regularly scheduled video teaching sessions that you must be able to view on a certain schedule. Some offer replay options.
    • Most programs have either:
      • Pre-recorded video sessions you can watch on your schedule
      • Books/course materials that are shipped to your home. You study when you want to and at a pace and schedule that adapts to your needs, not those of the institution
  • Learning format flexibility
    • Many distance learning programs offer you a choice of learning options:
      • Online videos / books
      • Printed materials shipped to your home
      • International / remote students can take courses online rather than incur heavy shipping costs for printed materials.You choose the format that is best for you. Many of our students like to mark up study books so they choose the hard copy option.

How do you do it?

  • Treat your study time like an appointment! Schedule it on your calendar and be faithful to meet that commitment. Students who leave coursework until they have time typically find that they make very slow progress.
  • Be purposeful. Carve out time (what about lunch hour at work with a sandwich?) to dedicate to the process and you can get through the program speedily. We have had students complete the Masters program in less than a year. They were disciplined and committed to making it happen.